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We need your supplies!
07/06/2011 09:33 AM by Terrë.

We are in need of supplies for the guild bank - fish, pots, etc, for guild achievements and also for the special recipes that allow us to have fish feasts and cauldrons for raids.

Please look at the guild achievements and see what you can farm for us. We are especially in need of fish for the new fish feast recipe and achievement. We will pay gold over the current AH price per stack. Please do not submit any item less than a stack.

To claim your gold, please deposit your item into the guild bank (into the correct tab, please). I will be checking the bank log a few times a week to see who has deposited items and will pay that person gold via ingame mail. (You may also let any officer know that you have done it and, after verifying the stack and the log, one of us will send an ingame mail with the gold.

There will eventually be a thread on the forum detailing what we need. Link to follow.



A good suggestion here for you T is get people to CoD the stacks to your main char and then you can just put the stacks in the bank and take the money back out for your self?Cptpain at 08/06/2011 09:54 AM
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