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New guild webpage Banner competition.
07/06/2011 09:16 AM by Terrë.

The banner we have at the top of this page is a little out of date now, so I thought we could have a competition to design another one.

There are some regulations that all designers must follow.

1.The image must be 800 x 160 pixels (the same as the one above).

2. The image must have the Scions laurel wreath icon.

3. The image must have the Scions motto, 'Way Too Über'.

The winner will be chosen by guild vote on the forum. In the event of a tie, the guild leader, Martin, will have the final say.

The winner will recieve 20,000 gold in game on their main character.

I will set up a thread in the open forum for designers to post their designs. You may submit as many as you wish.
Please go to this link for the forum. http://scions-of-proteus.guildomatic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=1909



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