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Another GM Change
02/06/2011 08:34 PM by ketyor.

As Raist has so much going on in real life and really can't devote any time to the guild he has been replaced.

After consultation with the other officers and a number of guild members I (Ketyor) have been asked to act as guild master. I'm proud to do so and hope that I can serve the interests of the guild and its members in the coming months.

Terrë, who has been the heart of this guild since she started it way back in Burning Crusade has returned as an officer after completing her cullinary education (Gratz chef!).

We'll be sorting out the rankings/guild bank access etc. over the next few days, and as part of this it's likely that we'll have do do quite a lot of rank changes, so if you notice yourself and others being promoted/demoted please don't panic!




Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!Cptpain at 08/06/2011 09:52 AM
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