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Newly updated raiding rules and violation policy
28/03/2012 05:43 PM by ketyor.

Raiding rules

1. Attend the Tuesday raid meetings (20:30 game time). They are there so that we can get an idea of what raids people want to do, sort strategies and keep you aware of changes.

2. Raiders must sign up to raids 48 hours in advance and the raid leader will confirm spots. No sign, no go. If you can't make a raid you signed for then update calendar and let the organiser or an officer know ASAP.

3. Raiders must be online 10 minutes ahead of raid time and ready to go.

4. Raiders MUST bring their own supplies (cauldrons and buff food may be provided but should not be counted on)

5. Raiders MUST be on vent (no vent, no raid) and keep vent noise to a minimum. When we wipe we need to be back in place and ready to go as soon as possible. A little discussion of tactics, what went wrong or where we might improve is acceptable, a prolonged conversation about non raid-related topics is not. Remember that everyone is taking time out of their social life to play this game and may not appreciate time spent listening to random player X rambling on about random topic Y.

6. Raiders treat each other and other guild members with respect and any arguments will be settled by the raid leader or GM.

7. We will be taking the best people for the raid. If your gear/spec is not up to scratch you will be removed and replaced. For DS raids - If you have any gear lower than ilevel 378 you need to ask for help geting better. PvP gear is not acceptable.

8. Raid leader's decision is final.

9. We are trying to try to distribute loot evenly. To this end, if multiple characters are rolling on similar spec-applicable gear we will take note of those characters that have already won items and award loot to the highest roller that has not yet won an item. This applies to tier tokens as well as regular drops.

10. You must be prepared to be rotated in raids so that as many guild members as possible get the opportunity to play. We're currently only running 10 man but have more members than that. When we get to the point that we have enough geared tanks/healers/dps to form two 10 mand raiding teams or even a 25 man team then things may change.

11. We will be trying to avoid taking any more than two of the same class where possible.

12. All raiders need to try geting mats for the flasks used to make cauldrons and fish for the feasts. We will offer a small reward (currently 10 gold) to the player depositing the most mats in the appropriate guild bank tabs per week.

13. Breaks will be put up after three bosses downed or after four to six wipes. Breaks will normally be 10 mins to allow you time to make a drink, have a smoke etc. Beware, if you are late back from a break you will get a strike.

Violation Policy

To try to minimise disruptions to raids we have adopted the following policy.

We operate a three strike system.

Strikes will be dealt for actions that disrupt the raid or hamper progress. Examples include going AFK when not on a break (unless there's a real emergency, and exlucding the odd "potty break") or being late for a raid without notifying the raid leader/officers.

If you accumulate three strikes you will be barred from raiding for one week and be demoted to social for that period

If you have already had a ban and continue to accumulate strikes after your return then after you get your second set of strikes you will get a two week raid bar.

If strikes are accumulated after two bans then it is clear that you are not prepared to adhere to the raid rules and you will be banned from raiding until further notice. We sincerley hope that nobody ever gets to this point!


None yet.

New Banner
14/07/2011 04:48 PM by ketyor.

The votes have been cast and Fargaze's entry has been chosen as the new guild banner. Congratulations Fargaze, your prize will be with you shortly!

All of the entries were of a very high standard, and I'd like to thank all of those who entered for your efforts.


None yet.

Congrats to all the fisherpeople
10/06/2011 09:14 PM by ketyor.

Just a note to say congrats and thanks to everyone that's fished in pools. We've finally hit the 10,000 fish needed to get the Seafood Magnifique Feast!

Unfortunately I stuffed up a bit by creating a whole load of them with the mats we had in the bank before I realised they were soulbound! I currently have a ticket open asking if they can be reversed and the mat placed back in the GB so that one of the more regular raiders or raid leaders can create them!

I'll keep you posted.




The GM took pity on me and agreed to return all the fish that I'd turned into feasts. All the mats are now back in the guild bank :-)ketyor at 15/06/2011 09:53 PM
Rofl, thats a bit cheeky tho dont ya think, they could of atleast made it gujild bound or something -.-Cptpain at 16/06/2011 10:07 AM
*cheers* for nice GM lolCosmisia at 16/06/2011 05:34 PM
We need your supplies!
07/06/2011 09:33 AM by Terrë.

We are in need of supplies for the guild bank - fish, pots, etc, for guild achievements and also for the special recipes that allow us to have fish feasts and cauldrons for raids.

Please look at the guild achievements and see what you can farm for us. We are especially in need of fish for the new fish feast recipe and achievement. We will pay gold over the current AH price per stack. Please do not submit any item less than a stack.

To claim your gold, please deposit your item into the guild bank (into the correct tab, please). I will be checking the bank log a few times a week to see who has deposited items and will pay that person gold via ingame mail. (You may also let any officer know that you have done it and, after verifying the stack and the log, one of us will send an ingame mail with the gold.

There will eventually be a thread on the forum detailing what we need. Link to follow.



A good suggestion here for you T is get people to CoD the stacks to your main char and then you can just put the stacks in the bank and take the money back out for your self?Cptpain at 08/06/2011 09:54 AM
New guild webpage Banner competition.
07/06/2011 09:16 AM by Terrë.

The banner we have at the top of this page is a little out of date now, so I thought we could have a competition to design another one.

There are some regulations that all designers must follow.

1.The image must be 800 x 160 pixels (the same as the one above).

2. The image must have the Scions laurel wreath icon.

3. The image must have the Scions motto, 'Way Too Über'.

The winner will be chosen by guild vote on the forum. In the event of a tie, the guild leader, Martin, will have the final say.

The winner will recieve 20,000 gold in game on their main character.

I will set up a thread in the open forum for designers to post their designs. You may submit as many as you wish.
Please go to this link for the forum. http://scions-of-proteus.guildomatic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=1909



None yet.

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