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 Post subject: Guild code of conduct-rules
PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 6:39 pm  

All members and recruits will be expected to read this document and agree to it.

If you cannot accept what is written here, then we ask that you not be part of this guild.

Be Nice

Don't insult, kill steal, harass or otherwise grief another player in the game.

The Guild wishes to cultivate a good reputation within the realm to enhance future alliance opportunities.

If you threaten that, you're gone. When in doubt: Be the bigger person and walk away.

Be Civil

If you have a conflict with another guild member that you don't feel you can resolve in a MATURE & POLITE manner, please speak with an officer about the problem privately.

please keep txt chat to the very minimum it is annoying and people may not be able to understand what is being said

any fights in guild chat and you Will be removed from the guild....

We will try to help reach a satisfying solution which everyone involved can live with.

Be Sensible

If in the real world something is seriously and/or negatively affecting your game, please consider logging off. It is only a game.... play it to enjoy it!

Act Honourably

Treat realm mates with due respect, they are all our allies.

We do not condone cheating, stealing, or "grief playing".

scions of proteus is a guild to be proud of and we do not want to tarnish it with harassment of other players.

Although we are a mature content guild please keep bad language as low as you can especially “pre-watershed”. We do have a few young players (sons & daughters of members) and there may be others that are offended by your use of language.

If you are asked by an Guild Member to desist (that means stop!) please do so.

Derogatory remarks that involve racism, sexual harassment, attack on religion, or sexism will not be tolerated

Be accountable for your actions – if you make a mistake… fine we all do…. But please learn from that mistake

No Spamming in Trade Channel this is annoying to other people and does not reflect well on the Guild and its members


Assist your guild mates to the best of your ability whether the need is for advice, a hunting partner, directions, equipment, or just somebody to talk to.

Never take advantage of the generosity of other guild members, and ask only for what is needed.

Play and develop your character to the best of your ability but be prepared to accept any coaching that is being offered in the spirit it is being offered.

Make full use of online resourses to find out who and were things are.

Don’t expect guild members to handhold you through everything.

Have Fun!

If it ever starts feeling like a chore...log out and go frolic in the daisies for a while. We don't want anyone to burn out.

Speak Freely

We treat our guild mates with respect.

Everyone has a right to be heard, and everyone's opinion is valid.

It doesn’t matter if it's the Guild Leader or new member; listen fairly to the ideas and concerns of your guild mates.

Contribute to discussions where you can and do so without malice.

If you are “under the influence” and/or feel the need to harass, insult or be rude another guild member…….LOG OFF….. QUICKLY.

You WILL be immediately demoted and possibly removed from guild


The guild is here to help you, but it is not here to get you through everything.

We won't play for you, though we will be happy to help you if you need help and if we are free at the time.

If you are going through a dungeon, get help from others around your level.

Try to overcome the challenges presented to you; it will be a lot more rewarding than being run through and will help you learn to play your class more effectively which in turn WILL help when running higher level instances.

If a much higher level offers to help then Yay!

Don't Beg

If you are new to the game or starting an alt and you ask a guild mate for some cash or items, and they say "sorry, I'm a bit short on cash right now", don't follow them around whining about how your sword stinks.

Also, going on guild or alliance chat asking for handouts every time you log on won't be tolerated.

The in-game mechanics work well, and you can often find what you need by going out and hunting or using your secondary profession.

If your attitude to this or building up your professions is “I cba (can’t be arsed), I want it now” then you are in the wrong guild.

Similarly spamming or begging for money or items in any game area (cities, zones etc) is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and grounds for removing you from the guild.

Constantly begging for or borrowing money or asking high-level members to run you through will result in a warning and an eventual boot from the guild if it continues.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help or borrowing money once in a while, but doing this constantly is not necessary.

If you are having money troubles, ask someone in the guild for advice about making more money

Don't Whine

If a guild group decides to go kick some Horde around, take out a Boss or elite somewhere, or explore Dartmoor, and you say "nah I don't wanna go," don't sit in chat whining about how boring trade skills are.

You had your chance to join. Don't ruin everyone else's by making them wish they could put a guild member on /ignore in good conscience.

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